Petals Newborn Hat

I love this pattern I got from AlliCrafts Blog! Its so cute. Im hoping to figure out sizes soon so I can make it for my daughter who is 20 months today! Comments are welcome!


More Precious Moments

This morning when I was getting Miss Ava ready for daycare and changing her diaper she looked at me with her tired eyes and said “Mama – Pretty” (emphasizing the T’s).  I smiled at her and said “Oh, thank you.  Is Ava pretty too?” she says “Yes” (emphasizing the S’s).  I just love these moments of unexpected gifts of sweetness.  I think all children think their mothers are pretty but it really makes you feel good to hear it, especially for the first time.

As if that wasn’t good enough, when I was finished reading bedtime stories tonight I snuggled up with my little sweetie-pie and told her that I loved her…oh, about a million times…and said “can you say ‘love’?  I’ve asked her before without any response other than a smile but this time I got a big grin plus a “yove”  so I asked her to say “you” and she did.  I tried to get her to say “love you” all at once but it didnt happen.  I’ll settle for both seperately.  It was so cute.  I always sing to her after bedtime stories and while I was singing she kept repeating “yove, yove, yove, yove…” it just made me laugh.  I wonder if she will say it from now on…we’ll see. 

Hope you enjoyed my mama moment.

Precious Moments

Ava wearing pants on her head

Yesterday, I was in a hurry trying to get Ava outside and into the car before work.  As I tried to hurry her out the door, she immediately became entranced by the chirping of the birds and continued at an even slower pace.  I quickly said  “Yes, baby, the birds are saying “Good Morning Ava” then  I threw all our stuff in the car, started it, and then turned around to see Ava’s beautiful face lit up while telling me about the birds.  The birds continued chirping and it was slightly warmer than previous days.  I told her again that the birds were saying “Good morning, Ava”.   Her smile became so bright that it made me smile all day long.  She was so excited and seemed to believe that the birds were talking to her and saying “good morning” specifically to her.  Precious moments.  This is one Ill savor forever.  Pictures could not capture the look of wonder and amazement on her little face.  It was at that moment that I decided my agenda was not nearly as important as giving her the satisfaction of telling me about the birds talking to her “tweet tweet” as she says, or more like “teet, teet”. So sweet.

Ruffle Rompers at Princess Piper’s Boutique

BRAND NEW ITEM! Check out our ruffle rompers at Princess Piper’s Boutique.  More sizes and colors arriving soon. 

Above: Olivia is dancing her little heart out in the light pink size 3-4yrs Ruffle Romper.  This romper has optional straps and also comes in turquoise at the moment.  Soon we will have light pink/hot pink layered ruffles alternating with each color in size Infant (0-12 mos) and size 3-4yrs.  We will also have Yellow rompers in size 1-2 yrs, and turquoise in size 2-3 yrs.  Perfect for springtime photos.  This photo was taken by Tara Nichole Photography, proud mama of Miss Olivia.

Each ruffle romper sells for $25.00. 

These rompers are fun and feminine, perfect to wear for dress up, spring/summer photos, photo sessions, photo props, or spring/summer daily attire.  The satin ribbon attached to the romper seen to the left is not attached to infant sized rompers due to choking hazzard and the fact that infants are often laying on their bellies.  The ribbon can be added to your romper at no extra charge.

Treat your little Princess to a Lacey Romper today!  Feedback is more than welcome

Cuppy Cake Song ~ we love it

I thought I would share one of the cutest songs that I sing to my daughter every day at bedtime and naptime.  Im not sure if I love it more than she does but it’s part of our ritual.  My mom introduced the song to me over Thanksgiving in 09 when my daughter was 4 months old.  We have been singing it ever since I learned the words.  For all of you who want to learn the song I will post the words below even though the youtube video shows the words during the song.  I’ve relayed the song to so many of my friends, I thought this might be easier.  Enjoy!

You’re my honey-bunch, sugar-plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin,

You’re my sweetie-pie.

You’re my cuppy-cake, gum-drop, schnookum’s schnookum’s,

You’re the apple of my eye.

And I love you so, and I want you to know, that Ill always be right here.

And I love to sing, sweet songs to you, because you are so dear.

The parallels of life…toddler years

 Another Ava story.  

Ava’s 1st Car: The Cozy Coupe

Tonight we were playing before bedtime and Ava had eaten an oreo, yes an oreo…, and she had crumbs and the creme filling all over her hands and face.  She wiped a little bit of the  cookie on her Cozy Coupe so I used the baby wipe that I used to clean her face to wipe the cookie off the car.  Ava saw me do this and she began detailing her new car with a different baby wipe.   As she worked I started giggling because it reminded me of when I bought my first crappy car.  I bought a 1984 Chrysler Lebaron and it only ran for 6 weeks after I fixed it.  I should mention I was born in 1981 so that may add some insight.  Anyway, I just remembered how proud I was to own a car and how I made sure to clean every nook and cranny to care for my prized possession.  I kept thinking how similar Ava’s actions in cleaning her little cozy coupe were to my 16 year old self cleaning my crappy car.  Not too bad to get your first car at 17 months!  Im sure hers will be in use much longer than my first car was…

Holiday treats for playgroup

I made these very cute candy cane sleigh treats for my daughter’s playgroup.  I found the recipe in a cute little cook book from LTD Commodities called “A Mom’s Recipe Book Class Treats, Bake Sales and Birthday Parties.  I’ll have to update this post with the response I get from the other parents but I think they will be a hit.  They are very easy to make.  See the recipe below – I modified it a bit for packaging ease.

Makes approx. 19 depending on quantity of snickers bars.

1 bag of fun size snickers (approx 19)

38 mini candy canes (double the number of snickers bars)

38 gummy bears

1/2 cup Chocolate chips, melted

red licorice if wanted (skinny rope kind)

Here you go: unwrap all the candy you need to use.  Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave at 30 second intervals until melted, mix between intervals.  It took my microwave 3 – 30 second intervals to completely melt.  Use a knife to spread melted chocolate to the sides of the candy canes.  Attach the candy canes to the snickers bars, one each side.  Note: use a baking pan or wax paper to catch the drips.  Apply melted chocolate to the bottoms of the gummy bears and attach to the top of the snickers bars.  If wanted, attach licorice strips to the sleigh for rope handlebars.  I stuck them in the refridgerator to harden the chocolate faster. 

Have fun!

My Amazing Daughter

My daughter is 16 months old, well, almost 17 months.  Most people are so amazed at how well she talks and how well they actually understand her.  I have a couple really cute “Ava Stories” that I thought I would share.

In November when it first snowed, and stuck…we live in Michigan and it could snow in July if we are really unlucky…, So I said “Look Ava Snow” while we were in the car driving.  She said what I thought was “No” but with a long ending to the word.  She says snow without the “s”. So after I figure it out, I say “Yes, Snow…good job!” So I then say “What color is the snow?” she responds “Nooow!”. So I repeat “What color is it?” She says “Yellow!”  I had to laugh and tried to correct her by saying, “Ava, Snow is White, can you say white?” So she says “White”.  So I ask again, what color is it? And she responds “Yellow!” So laughing I had to say “No baby, snow is white”, well, she didn’t like my correction and she yelled “Snow is Yellow!”.  So I just laughed and said, “okay baby, just don’t play in the yellow snow”.  She started laughing too.  Hilarious!

My second Ava story related to snow was last Sunday.  We were in the midst of the first forecasted blizzard of the season and we decided to go to the grocery store before it got really bad.  When we left the store, the snowflakes were large and it was very windy.  The snowflakes were blowing in our faces and Ava shouts “Stop, Wet; Wet,  Stop!” as if she expected the weather to obey  her commands.  It was so funny.  I couldn’t help but to crack up laughing as I strapped her in the car seat.  Now every time we go outside she tells me the snow is “wet”. 

I try very hard to record my daughter’s accomplishments regularly but the journal I have set up has been severely neglected lately.  Hopefully this blog will help me keep tabs of the cute stuff.

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