Product Review: Shrinxhips

Product Review: SHRINKXHIPS

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for reviewing this product in any way

I purchased the SHRINKXHIPS during a moment of weakness while shopping at a Motherhood store about halfway through my last pregnancy.  I was feeling super fat and not so attractive and thought this product would be worth the $34.98 that I paid for it.  I think I actually paid less there than I’ve seen advertised other places.  The product claims that you can “get back your pre-pregnancy hips (or smaller)” if you use the product regularly within the first 8 weeks after delivery while the hormone Relaxin is present and before your pelvic joints and ligaments harden in place.  The product claims “ Shrinkxhips provides constant, even pressure to gently guide your hips back to their pre-pregnancy position (or even smaller).”  The one-size states that it fits hips measuring between 31” to 50” and easily adjusts to smaller size as your hips narrow.  The product recommends wearing the belt for 4-6 hours daily.  It also claims that there was a clinical test trial done to prove the effectiveness…


My experience:

I started wearing this belt regularly (daily for at least 4 hours per day) at one week post-partum and continued wearing it until 7 weeks post-partum.  I did check with my chiropractor who told me that it would not hurt me to wear it and it could only help.  He explained that it’s kind of like a band aid helping the joints go back more quickly.  It made sense.  Unfortunately my hips only shrunk by a half inch in this time frame. I’m sorely disappointed in the product mostly because I had envisioned myself much smaller by this time.  I did like the fact that I felt like I had more lower back support when I was wearing it so that’s a positive.  It also adjusted easily as stated on the packaging.  I made sure to wear a nursing tank to avoid the scratchiness of the Velcro on the belt.  It also felt as though it was squeezing my hips together, but unfortunately it didn’t take for me. 

Verdict: I would not recommend based on my experience.  I believe I would have lost a half inch on my waist without the belt during the first 8 weeks post-partum.  Unfortunately I haven’t lost much more than that.

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