Meet our Newest Princess: Miss Elliana Penelope

Elliana Penelope

Birth Story

Photography by: Tara Nicole Photography 

January 3rd, 2012 – I was so annoyed that I had to go to work this day, after a long weekend, I was hoping to go into labor and not return to work right away in the new year.  I could hardly sleep because I was hoping my water would break before I had to leave and at 5am or so I finally just got out of bed.  All day everyone stopped by my cubical at work and asked me what I was doing there – like I had a choice in the matter.  I guess I did, but that’s not important.  At lunch I had a suspicion that my water leaked a little bit and I soaked my liner I was wearing just in case but I still wasn’t having contractions.  At some point I got up to check the printer and something just felt different “down there”, like I was opening up (my cervix) but I also thought it was just wishful thinking at this point.  At 3:38pm I felt a contraction that lasted long enough for me to decide to record it on a post it note.  I timed 4 or 5 more before leaving at 4pm.  My husband, Dan, wanted to make Raisin Bran Muffins so I planned to stop a local natural foods store on the way home.  I had a really intense contraction about one block before the parking lot so I tried to call Dan, he didn’t answer so I decided to make a quick stop at the store for the ingredients.  I had a few contractions while I was in the store and tried to hide my grimacing face so no one would know I was in pain.  The cold air made my contractions a little more intense.  I called Dan once I got into the car and told him he should probably call his mom because I thought I might be in labor.  He agreed and hung up, only to call me back and ask “What do you mean you ‘think’ you are in labor?”  I told him that I would time the contractions on the way home for consistency and we should plan to have our 2 year old stay with his mom for the night just in case.  The contractions were lasting one minute long and 5 minutes apart the whole way to my house (about a half hour).  My mother in law was about 30 minutes away when I got home so I busied myself getting her bag ready and trying to eat something before we left for the hospital.  It was about 5:30pm when my mother in law arrived to take my little princess home with her.  I was able to poop before we left too which added to my denial because I was not able to do that with Ava’s labor, it just hurt to push…(TMI alert). Anyway, we left shortly after Ava was picked up and made it about 10 minutes away from the house when I realized we forgot the camera and made Dan turn around to go get it.  My contractions were more like 4 minutes apart at this point but I didn’t tell him they were getting closer together.  He took a different route to the hospital making me nervous because it seemed longer and the roads were snow covered.  During the drive to the hospital my contractions were 3 minutes apart and regular.  Dan was sweating because the heat was turned up so high in the vehicle so he rolled down the window at one point.  I waited until my contraction finished before I yelled at him and threatened him in some way to roll it back up – again the cold air was intensifying the pain.  When we got to the ER parking lot, some idiot was attempting to leave and blocking the entire entrance, Dan proceeded to yell and swear at him while I yelled at Dan to go around to the other entrance.  I was trying to hold it together.  As soon as I opened the vehicle door to get out the cold air hit me and the contraction was so intense that I didn’t think I could make it into the hospital which was quite the distance when in that much pain.  Somehow I made it in and a very excited friend from high school greeted us at the check in desk.  Her enthusiasm was irritating at the moment but somewhat entertaining.  She says “Yah! Come on over and we’ll get you checked in” in a very loud and excited voice.  Of course, my information was entered twice so that held us up but this friend called the OB nurse to bring a wheel chair for me.  When she got there, it was difficult to sit on the seat and not comfortable to stay in that position.  After I finally get in the chair the nurse bumps into the door frame…ouch! I was getting more irritated by the minute.  The walk to the elevator was not that far but I had several contractions on the way there.  Once we were in the elevator the nurse proceeds to lecture me on my decision not to get IV antibiotics for Group B strep.  I assured her that I did my research and I was not changing my mind.  In the meantime, my husband realizes that the nurse neglected to push the elevator button and we were not moving.  He says “Why aren’t we moving!?!” and pushes the button himself.   The lecture continued and she introduced me to the other nurse on duty that evening.  I hardly noticed what she looked like in the midst of contractions.  Once in the room, I finished a contraction in the chair stood up and made it a couple feet to the bed before another contraction started.  The nurse started her little talk about getting undressed and putting on a gown and providing a urine sample.  I asked Dan to help me get my boots off while I held onto the edge of the bed during a contraction.  Somehow I managed to make it to the bathroom and provide a urine sample but when I stood up my water broke and I looked down and said “Oh, I’ve got a leak” and sat back down.  I let the nurse know and made it to the bed before another contraction started.  She checked me and had a concerned look on her face and made a comment about being fully dilated then ran to tell the other nurse to get the doctor.  She started an IV “just in case”.  I had another contraction and told her that I wanted to push.  She told me to wait because the doctor was not there yet.  After the next contraction I told Dan that I wanted him to help me squat because it would help the pushing phase go faster (Ava’s pushing time was 2.5 hours so I was anticipating a long time).  Apparently he looked down and saw hair and told me I should wait until the nurse came back to help him.  When she came back she must have seen what Dan saw and inclined the bed so my tush was in the air and my head was lower.  The doctor showed up and I announced that I needed to push.  He was really good about guiding my pushing.  I pushed 2 or 3 times in approximately 5 minutes and she was out.  After the first push he said I was doing good and he could see the head.  I thought that was great and kept pushing.  He says “the heads almost out, keep pushing” during the next push and I thought “hold crap, I can’t believe it but okay let’s do it”.  There was only one short moment where he told me not to push and I wanted to so bad but then with the next push she was out.  I remember feeling her body slide out and saying “Oh my god, she’s already out” in disbelief and relief.  I got to the hospital at 6:45pm and she was born at 7:16pm.  They put her on my to clean her and the umbilical cord was tickling my stomach.  Dan cut the cord and continued to take pictures.  I didn’t rip or tear at all, no meds, no need for the IV.  Baby girl was 7 pounds 4 ounces, 20 inches long with a 13.5 inch head circumference.  Her breathing was rapid but regulated fairly quickly.  My blood pressure was steady.  They didn’t argue too much about the vitamin K shot that I was refusing even though they said it was their policy and told me it was illegal in other states to refuse it.

Dan called everyone and said “We’re Done” and proceeded with the stats.  We got mixed responses from people thinking we were just getting to the hospital, to thinking we were being sneaky and not telling them but most wanted to know her name which wasn’t decided until the next day.  We named our second little princess “Elliana Penelope”.

Ava came with Dan the next morning and was so excited to meet her new little sister.  She wanted to hold her and hug and kiss her.  She was really good considering all the changes.  She fell asleep on me in the hospital bed for a short time.  It was so sweet.

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