Ava’s Bedroom Redecorated

Im sure everyone has seen the wall art that comes in tubes that you just stick on the wall to create a masterpiece in minutes.  Have you ever wondered if it’s really that easy and if it will actually look good on your walls?  Well, I found an awesome Etsy shop that has various options to create a small scene or a very large scene on your walls and I was very impressed.  I did this a few years ago before my first daughter was born.  I had an obsession with Circles so I purchesed the “Confetti Wall Graffic Set” from Michelle & Christina Art & Design on Etsy for $68.  I received 84 decals and I was able to choose up to 6 colors.  This is my creation:


So, my sweet little daughter decided she doesnt like the circles anymore and “Mommy, please take them off” so she could go to sleep in her own room.  Completely different story but she decided she wouldnt sleep in her own room after baby #2 arrived.  Now that we are slowly making the transition back into her room, she is redecorating.  I bought the new stickers from Kohls and they came in a tube with enought stickers to create a tree design over an area above my daughter’s queen size bed.  I didnt measure but it would make a nice centerpiece in a giant headboard if she had one.   I got these on sale for $9 on clearance but I believe designs around this size run between $20 and $30.  Here is the new design:









I do love Michelle & Christina’s unique designs and would highly recommend that you check their etsy store before settling for the generic patterns that are sold in almost every super store.  I was not solicited to write this article and was not compensated in any way.  I merely wanted to display the changes I made to my daughter’s room.  We kept the circles over the rocking chair where the new baby’s crib now resides and over the doorway 🙂



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