Avoiding the Flu…without the vaccine

5 Simple Ways to Prepare Yourself
For Flu Season, and the Flu Shot is Not One of Them!

Flu Season Is Almost Here!



Now that I’ve seen the flu shot bilboards going up around town, I thought it was necessary to share with you a few simple ways to help prevent colds/flu. While some people may still get a virus, if you follow these rules, you should recover in just a few short days.
Tip #1 – Avoid sugar. There is nothing that will weaken your immune system more than sugar. Ever notice how flu season really picks up after Halloween. and starts to calm down after New Year’s?
Tip #2 – Get regular exercise. Not only do people who exercise tend to have healthier diets, but regular exercise has been shown to strengthen the immune system.
Tip #3 – Get enough sleep. Failing to get enough shut-eye will wear you down, and leave you an easy target.
Tip #4 – Eat right. Cut out processed foods, fast foods, and sugar. Eating a diet high in lean protein, fruits, and veggies will support every function in your body (not to mention improve yoru overall health).
Tip #5 – Get enough Vitamin D. We live in an area where we need to supplement this essential vitamin. While individual needs vary, most adults should take at least 6-10,000 IU’s daily. Sound like a lot of pills? The one we use is 2000 IU/drop!

and, as a bonus:
Tip #6 – Get regular chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to boost your immune system as much as 200%!

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