Cribs to fall in love with…


WOW. 10 most outrageous baby cribs: just posted Outrageous Cribs and they are definately outrageous in style and in price.  Some of these cribs go up to $20,000 and I’m guessing that is minus the bedding…not sure on the details.  I saved a few of my favorites but check out the link above to view them all.  They range from a crazy acrylic bed which looks like the mattress is floating, to a crib that is marked fragile and looks similar to a box, to the fancy pantsy carriage cribs.  I chose to post the more victorian style cribs.  Oh, how much fun I could have with a bunch of money that had no purpose.  Unfortunately for style sake I have a very strict sense of budgeting and practicality.    It’s fun to dream though, right?

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