Birth Stories: Juliet and Nora


 Juliet and Nora

While I was pregnant with my first daughter my pregnancy was anything but uneventful! As we got closer to the due date I could tell Juliet was not much of a mover, and I just had a feeling that there was more to the story than her just not wanting to move….I went in for my last ultrasound where they confirmed she was breech and the doctor gave me the option of turning her or a C-section. I was not seeing my “normal” doctor that day so I waited until the next week to discuss the options with me. Once I met with him at 37 weeks he informed me that turning her would not necessarily work, and would be very painful, once again my body told me not to go that route and at 39 weeks I had a cesarean section and my beautiful daughter … Now here comes the Fun part! I had never had any type of surgery before, first time with an I.V., first time in the hospital! My anesthesiologist had a student, who was very nice and much friendlier than the doctor, so I didn’t argue nor did I feel that I had a choice in the situation so I went with it. Nice girl, but after 7 pokes, YES 7 she finally got it, now I didn’t known that she was doing it “wrong” until the fourth poke…the nurses started to get a little closer, hold a little tighter, and talk a little nicer. Once she hit the spot I swore I was paralyzed. I then got a headache, sick to my stomach… The OR got very quiet and I knew something was going on, after a lot of tugging, nurses literally jumping on my stomach, Juliet was born, healthy and off with daddy! I then got stitched back together and off to recover, my doctor stopped by and informed me that Juliet had a short cord, and it was good that we didn’t try to turn her we could have not only lost her! They probably would have lost me too!!!

Even after my negative experiences I was still ok with having a C-section the second pregnancy. I signed a paper stating I would have to have a C-section the second time around if I wanted to have her at the same hospital. So throughout my second pregnancy I just knew what was at the end, but was going to do things a little different this time. So at 39 weeks I scheduled to deliver Nora, this time I asked more questions when speaking with the anesthesiologist told him my fears, and concerns from last time. He seemed to be on the ball, well then we got into the O.R…. It felt like forever for the actual “poking” to take place, things seemed slower this time, which not always a bad thing! After medicated, the sugary began. I felt very numb and comfortable this time, and the surgery went fine. After I went into the recovery room, I did not get to hold Nora I became so sick I couldn’t even move. Even after I was transferred back to my room I was vomiting sick and just plan out of it. I was unable to breast feed, I was unable to sit…I could barely move when Juliet came to meet her baby sister…I did my best for her but I was a mess. I asked my nurse why I was so sick and why Nora wasn’t crying or awake, she said it was the medication and it was affecting Nora also. I felt very sad about this since I had cut everything out to have a healthy baby… (even lunch meat) I was over the top! I am glad this was not my first C-section because I wouldn’t have wanted one a second time!

I have to say I loved my doctor, the hospital took care of us and even though it is not a fairy tale story! It is my story, and I have two beautiful daughters and I would do it all over again to have them here healthy and safe!


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