Pregnancy Myths Debunked

I found some great debunking of many myths on and I plan to post more related to pregnancy soon.  Stay tuned.

11 Pregnancy Myths Debunked                                           

The facts about drinking, epidurals and more

by Amy Soukup | May 2, 2011

Myth: Pregnant women should stay away from caffeine.

Fact: It’s safe to drink up to 200 mg of caffeine per day (equivalent to one cup of coffee or one soda), but any more than that has been shown to increase the risk of miscarriage.

Myth: Once a Cesarean, always a Cesarean

Fact: The safest option for the majority of women with a previous Cesarean delivery is labor and a vaginal delivery when possible.

Myth: All doulas have negative opinions on hospital births.

Fact: Most doulas attend births in the hospital and have a great amount of respect for the technology we have when it comes to life-saving situations.

Myth: Epidurals have no risks or effects on mothers and babies.

Fact: There are several risks, including the possible side effects of shivering, backache, and nausea as well as maybe making pushing more difficult.

Myth: Hospitals are the safest place to have a baby.

Fact: For many women hospitals may be the best option, especially if they are in the high-risk pregnancy category, but more information and studies are coming out that prove home and free-standing birth centers are as safe as hospitals when it comes to low-risk patients.

Myth: Pregnant women cannot drink any alcohol.

Fact: Studies show that children of women who drank 1-2 units of alcohol per week throughout pregnancy were not negatively affected in any way. (Still don’t think I could do it with a guiltless conscience)

Myth: Mothers of young babies are spacey and absent-minded.

Fact: Though new mothers may feel forgetful with things not baby-related, studies show expanded areas of activity postpartum in several areas of the brain, meaning women actually become “smarter” in the early stages of motherhood.

Myth: A bigger baby always means a more difficult labor.

Fact: There are many factors involved in what makes a labor more or less difficult, one major factor being the positioning of the baby.

Myth: If your diet isn’t very healthy, it’s better to use formula.

Fact: Unless you’re taking drugs or dangerous medications, breastfeeding is always a healthier option for the baby than formula.

Myth: Episiotomies reduce the risk of perineal tearing.

Fact: Evidence shows that routine use of episiotomy offers no benefits but rather increases women’s risk of experiencing perineal injury, stitches, pain and tenderness, leaking stool or gas, and pain during sexual intercourse.

Myth: A full moon triggers labor.

Fact: Evidence shows that a full moon has no effect on labor, but women are more likely to go into labor during a sudden change in barometric pressure.


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