A cake for my husband’s birthday

Recently I posted some recipes to use with peeps so I tried the sunflower cake.  I cant say that mine turned out exactly like the one in the recipe but I did take some pics and have some recommendations.  I altered the recipe by using 4 eggs and added 1C. of buttermilk.  I used the recommended amount of oil and omitted the water.  I used a double chocolate cake mix.  I had this idea that the 4″ cake was a double layer cake and I dont think it was.  I didnt look back at the recipe so this is why mine didnt turn out well.  I also should have used the extra cake batter to make more than 6 cupcakes instead of a second layer on the cake.  You will see with my pics below the difference.  I tinted cream cheese frosting yellow for the cupcakes and placed the peeps on top.  I covered the center cake with chocolate frosting.  The only mini chocolate chips I could find were at Walmart in a shaker can for $2.88.  I know very well that they used to come in a bag just like the other chocolate chips so Im guessing they are out there somewhere and probably cheaper for a larger amount.  I have to say I didnt plan this well because I dont have a storage container to put it in.  After I took the picture and showed my husband I put the cupcakes in a seperate container.

Above you see the center piece single layer frosted with the progression of the frosted cupcakes.


In these photos you see the single layer in the center with the cupcakes around. I definately needed more than 6 cupcakes.  8 Cupcakes probably would have been a good number.


Above you see the double layer center and I dont like it as much.  I finished the cake this way so as to not waste food and for storage purposes.  I do like the single layer better and I wish I would have made more cupcakes but the recipe tastes great and it’s still very cute.


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