Cake Mix Cookies ~ Yum

I found a new favorite! Parents magazing April 2011 edition had a recipe for Cake-Mix Cookies so I gave it a try and the results were fantastic.  I made a second batch today!

The recipe shows a sandwich cookie but mine did not turn out flat for some reason.  My cookies raised so I made vanilla frosting and colored it as suggested but I drizzled it over the cookies and sprinkled easter egg/grass sprinkles on top.  My daughter loves sprinkles so those were for her.  I think drizzling the frosting also saved a few calories because this way you eat one cookie instead of two and Im sure I used less frosting than the sandwich cookies.  The second batch I substituted carrot cake mix and used a cream cheese frosting ~ yum! 

Fast, easy, and inexpensive ~ my kind of cookie! Here’s the recipe:

1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 

2.) Combine cake mix, 1 egg, 1/4C. of canola oil, 1/4 C. of buttermilk in a large bowl.  Beat with an electric mixer (I just used a spoon) until smooth.  Shape 1-inch mounds of batter onto balls and flatten slightly (maybe thats why mine were raised), Place about 2 inches apart on cookie sheets. 

3.) Bake until cookies are golden and firm; about 8-10 mins.  Cool on wire rack ~ or like I do, leave them on the cookie sheets until ready to frost.

4.) Divide the frosting among three bowls.  Use a few drops of food coloring to tint frosting the desired shades of pink, blue, and yellow.  Sandwhich the cookies together with frosting ~ or keep seperate and frost individually. Use sprinkles if wanted.  Makes 30.

Nutrition (sandwiched cookies): 149 calories, 1g. protien, 6g. fat, 22g carbs, 0 fiber, 27 mg calcium, 0 iron, 145mg sodium.


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