L’OREAL Paris Review

Im not sure how many readers realize that I am a bzzagent and that is how I get my free products to review.  This last package consisted of the Loreal Paris The One Sweep Eye Shadow and Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara. 

What they want you to know:

Loreal Paris The One Sweep Eye Shadow

*Defines, color and highlights in one easy sweep

*Features a one-of-a-kind applicator designed to fit the shape of your eye to easily achieve a complete look

*Coordinated shadows come in natural and playful palettes expertly designed to enhance your eye color: Blue, Green/Hazel, Brown

*Additional expertly selected paletes available to enhance all eye colors

*Suggested retail $9.95


Loreal Paris Double Extend Eye Illuminator

*Professionally developed to enhance and illuminate your eyes

*Lengthens, intensifies and illuminates in two simple steps

*Clump-free, flake and smudge resistant

*Available in 4 shades: Black Copper for Blue Eyes, Black Bronze for Green/Hazel Eyes, Black Quartz for Brown Eyes, and Black Crystal for all Eyes.

*Ophthalmologist- and allergy-tested

*Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

*Fragrance free

*Suggested Retail $10.95

My opinion:

The One Sweep Eye Shadow is a great concept but I found it to be unreliable.  The suggestions are to apply with the darkest shade along your lashline.  I prefer a very thin line of eyeliner with lighter colors along my lashline to give me a more “awake” look so this didnt work for me.  I thought the applicator was awkward.  I decided to try the colors with a different applicator and really do like the product.  I use the white as the highlighter under my brows, the pink for my eyelid and the brown to accent the corners but not along my lashline.  They are similar to the colors I was using with my previous brand.  The eyeshadow stays on and lasts throughout the day.  I have not had problems with smudging or creasing.

The Double Extend Eye Illuminator was my favorite! I have trouble with mascara because it usually irritates my eyes and I tend to pull at my eyelashes.  It may be more of a habit now.  Because I tend to do this, I was able to feel that the mascara did not leave my lashes brittle or hard; they stayed soft throughout the day.  I believe it made them appear longer and fuller.  The illuminating color really brightened my eyes and enhanced my shadow.  I am using the Almay eye makeup remover and I have noticed that I need a little extra effort to remove the mascara but I have not had any trouble removing residue.

I should also say that I used to be a Mary Kay Consultant and was trained in colors and in technique.  I think the instructions did a great job providing tips for successful application and they chose colors that will enhance the eye color they were intended for.  I would buy this product and will probably from now one.  Hope this was helpful

Im a BzzAgent!


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