SC JOHNSON ~ Bzzagent Review & Giveaway

 I recently had the pleasure of reviewing some SC Johnson products including:

One 4 oz. Glade Limited Edition  Spring Collection Jar Candle “Sparkle of Spring”

What they want you to know: features a zesty lime, ginger and vanilla scent.  They also carry Bring on the Blossoms(featuroing a medly of jasmine, rose, peony, and sandlewood) and Jump for Joy (featuring orange oil, apple, pineapple, mango, and black current) scents in the Spring Collection.  These scents are available in the 4 oz. candle which burn up to 22 hours, Glade Scented Oil Candles in refilable decorative glass holders to quickly fill the room with fragrance, Glade Premium Room Sprays which instantly fragrance the air with a gently quiet mist, and Glade Plugins Scented Oil offering continuous, long-lasting scented oil fragrances.

My Opinion: I loved the 4oz jar candle that I was provided.  I usually buy candles from Partylite so the standards were set pretty high.  I was pleasantly surprised that the candle melted similar to the partylite candles and much like a soy candle.  During the first burn I didnt seem to notice the scent as much as the next couple times I burned the candle.  I walked away from it for a short time (oops, sometimes I forget) and was curious what I was smelling from the other room.  It was the candle! The scent carried from my kitchen to my living room two rooms away in a very short amount of time.  It was the perfect addition to the open windows and fresh air.  I think I would have liked the “Bring on the Blossoms” scent best but I am delighted with the “Sparkle of Spring” scent.  Ive burned the candle for probably 5 or 6 hours and you cant tell that the wax has deminished…I believe it will be long lasting, maybe longer than the 22 hours claimed.  


One Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refill  ***Giveaway Item

What they Want you to know: Spring Collection includes scents – Hawaiian Breeze described as vacation in a bottle, Lavendar & Vanilla described as “relax the day away with a soothing blooming blend of lavendar and vanilla”, and Crisp Waters described as “soak up the pure, invigorating scents of the great outdoors.  When used with the Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lating impressions warmer it provides up to 60 days of fragrance that doesnt fade away to help make every room in your home a springtime oasis, alternates scents every 45 minutes for a fragrance that always feels new, available in two complementary scent combinations “Clean Linen” and “Sunny Days” or “Hawaiian Breeze” and “Vanilla Passion Fruit”.  The lasting Impressions warmer works with any Glade Plugins scented oil refill, so you can enjoy any two of your glade favorites every single day.

My Opinion: I did not use the Plugins scented oil that I will be giving away below.  I do not have a dispenser and dont have any available plugs to purchase one at this time.  Please enter the giveaway below if you would like to enter.  It is a 1 refill package of the Crisp Waters scent.  A coupon for the dispenser will be included.

One Pledge Lemon Clean Aerosol Spray

What they want you to know: Provides a noticeable clean on wood, granite, stainless steel, leather, and more.  Removes up to 90% of allergens.  Also try Pledge wipes for a quick easy clean.

My opinion: I was surprised to know that you could use pledge on more surfaces than just wood and that it helped remove allergens.  That makes sense since you use it ofr dusting – duh! I remembered using to help my great-grandmother clean her wood furniture back in the day.  I dont have wood furniture so I havent bought it in a really long time.  So, when I used it, the familiar lemon scent was present but not offensive.  It appears to be slightly slimy when you use too much but wipes up clean and greaseless. 

One 20 oz bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer with Extend-A-Clean

What they want you to know: New and improved formulat made with Extend-a-Clean technology keeps bathrooms cleaner for 4 days! Invisible grime barrier is activated each time the surface gets wet, keeping soap scum away longer.  Goes to work on contact, penetrating , dissolving and removing soap scum and reducing mildew stains.  Features a wide spray to cover more completely than splotchy trigger sprays.  Leaves behind a brilliant shine.   Makes removing soap scum easy and scrubbing virtually obsolete.  Available in 20-oz bottle whereever scrubbing bubbles products are sold.

My opinion: I hate to admit this but, I never clean my shower.  My husband does but it’s definately not every 4 days.  I took some pictures but my bathroom doesnt have the best lighting so I’m not sure it was helpful.  I will post them though.  I dont think my shower was that dirty prior to using the scrubbing bubbles but I did notice the faucet was much more shiny after just a rinse.  I did not scrub because the bottle said there was an option for rinsing or scrubbing.  For someone who doesnt like to clean the bathroom, I chose the rinse option.  I did make cleaning less painful and lots easier.


after scrubbing bubbles


One Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel kit with dispenser and gel discs

What they want you to know:  Prevents build up of lime scale and toilet rings, comes ready-to-use with one disposible and one gel holder (contains 6 gel discs), eliminates odors as it cleans, each disc lasts up to one week and leaves no residue, available in 3 fragrances: Fresh Clean, Fresh Mountain Morning, and Citrus.

My Opinion: I love this product! I hate cleaning the bathroom and most of all the ucky toilet! The disposible gel holder is easy to use, it has adjustible grooves so you only apply one gel per use.  It stuck immediately with very little force.  Best of all, it has a plastic cap for the part that you stick on the inside of the toilet bowl to prevent spreading germs.  Ive had the gel tab in my toilet bowl for a week and the water is slightly tinted blue, the gel tab is still in place and still has a lot of use left to it (appearingly) and the bowl is much cleaner that it would be after normal use without the gel tab.  Now that I’m writing this, Im wondering how long each tab lasts.  I assume it would depend on your household’s number of toilet users and frequency but that would be nice for consumers to have an estimate. Ill update this post when I notice the gel tab being completely dissolved.

And One megasavings coupon booklet***giveaway item!

Giveaways: 1 Grand Prize winner will receive the Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refill with a $3.00 off coupon for the Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder

2 additional winners will receive coupons for all of the following: $3.00 off any Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder, $1.00 off any pledge product, $$1.00 off any scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel, $.75 off any scrubbing bubbles mega shower foamer, $3.00 off scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner starter kit, $2.00 off any two glade spring collection products, $1.00 off any glade plugins scented oil twin refill or two single refills.

How to enter: Complete mandatory entry plus any of the following entries to gain additional entries.  Include your email address with all entries.   Once the giveaway ends, a winner will be randomly chosen for each prize and will be contacted for mailing information.

Mandatory entry:  Tell us what Glade product is your favorite.

Additional entries: 

1.) Follow Princess Pipers Mama on Twitter

2.) Subscribe to Princess Pipers Mama blog

Enter each day for better chances to win! ENDS MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mallery
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 07:50:19

    I love their jar candles. Affordable and still smell great!


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