The health effects of drinking soda – quotes from the experts

The health effects of drinking soda – quotes from the experts.

I found this article when I was searching for inspiration or something similar which would help my will power in trying not to drink the coke I had brought with me for lunch today.  Recently, well, over the past year, I have increased my consumption of cola and don’t really understand why this has happened.  I find myself making excuses to drink it and when I do, I dont even enjoy the flavor.  For some reason the fizz seems to be what I crave. 

My sister-in-law suggested that I try researching a little in order to give me some reasoning behind my interest in quitting soda.  I feel as though I have an addiction to caffiene and after reading these quotes, I totally believe I do.  Just to give you an idea about my consumption, I drink maybe 1-4 sodas a week sometimes 12 oz sometimes 16 oz per soda.  Some weeks I dont drink any yet I still feel that I have this strong desire or craving for this tainted liquid.

Ultimately, I think my intitial motivation was to shed these extra pounds that have crept up on me since last summer but after reading these quotes, what better motivation than long lasting effects which include but most likely are not limited to: obesity, osteoporosis, fertility reduction, female reproductive system deficiencies, being more prone to PMS, diabetes, cancer, tooth decay, interference with prescription medication, withdrawl symtoms….

I should say my cravings only include full strength Coca Cola and Pepsi (meaning not diet or other diet versions) but this article also illuminates the effects aspartame has on fetal brain development.

Something to consider…

For the record, I did not drink any cola today 🙂


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