Precious Moments

Ava wearing pants on her head

Yesterday, I was in a hurry trying to get Ava outside and into the car before work.  As I tried to hurry her out the door, she immediately became entranced by the chirping of the birds and continued at an even slower pace.  I quickly said  “Yes, baby, the birds are saying “Good Morning Ava” then  I threw all our stuff in the car, started it, and then turned around to see Ava’s beautiful face lit up while telling me about the birds.  The birds continued chirping and it was slightly warmer than previous days.  I told her again that the birds were saying “Good morning, Ava”.   Her smile became so bright that it made me smile all day long.  She was so excited and seemed to believe that the birds were talking to her and saying “good morning” specifically to her.  Precious moments.  This is one Ill savor forever.  Pictures could not capture the look of wonder and amazement on her little face.  It was at that moment that I decided my agenda was not nearly as important as giving her the satisfaction of telling me about the birds talking to her “tweet tweet” as she says, or more like “teet, teet”. So sweet.


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