Alexis – Introduction to a Home Birth Story

Here is a little about our pregnancy and childbirth, and what forms our opinions of a natural birth. While this may seem “extreme” to some, it is what came natural to us:

Prior to even getting pregnant, we realized an issue with Robyn’s thyroid. Knowing that could become an issue when we decided to start a family, we had it confirmed by Bridget Houston, and began to strengthen her hormone systems. Robyn also started taking a prenatal, knowing that nutrition was vital long before a pregnancy even begins. In October of ’07, Robyn’s thyroid finally came into balance, and weeks after we suspected we were pregnant, only to find out it was a chemical pregnancy. Around Valentine’s Day we had our first interview with Kathi Mulder in Traverse City, the closest midwife we could find that came to Petoskey (have since found out about another). Finally, on March 6th, we found out we were pregnant with our first child. We went and saw Bridget the next week, and confirmed we were expecting! With no intentions of having an ultrasound, we were quite surprised when Bridget asked us if we wanted to know what we were having. Our immediate reaction was no, but at lunch afterward, we changed our mind. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in touch with her that afternoon, and she was closed the next day. 2 impatient days later, we were told we were having a girl! A few weeks go by, and then the nausea started. With our cabinets filled with ginger lozenges, nux vomica, and sprite in the fridge, we tackled the all day, all night, what-idiot-coined-the-phrase morning sickness. At 20 weeks Robyn started bleeding, and we called our midwife. Turns out she was on vacation out of country, and I spoke with her apprentice, who assured us it was normal. The next morning, as the bleeding had increased, we got ahold of Bridget and she got us in immediately. Turns out her progesterone levels had plunged, which prepares the body for the monthly cycle! In our quest to find something that Robyn could stomach, we discovered she could eat Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits. As any good husband would do, I went out and bought several boxes. Come to find out that morning that the rosemary was causing her progesterone to drop! This event reassured us that our approach was right for our pregnancy. As we progressed further into the 3rd trimester, we were given a few tips to prepare Robyn for delivery. When we finally went into labor 10 days past our due date, Robyn birthed our beautiful baby girl at 9 lbs, 4 oz, and 22 inches at home in a birthing pool in our nursery. Such a fitting place! I gave Alexis her first adjustment just minutes later. We had her first check-up with Bridget at 6 days old. Mild jaundice, and the recommendation was to drink a hoppy beer! I couldn’t have been happier! Then she said it was for Robyn. To this date, Lexi has never been to a medical doctor, never vaccinated, never on any antibiotics, eats organic, mostly gluten free, has a green drink (her power juice!) every morning, was potty trained at 15 months, and even says please and thank you! Her health care consists of regular chiropractic adjustments, and periodic trips to Hummingbird Health.

I was the first of 4 home births in my family. The first 2 were attended by midwives, the second two were not. They weren’t unassisted, but my father (also a chiropractor) realized if it’s uncomplicated, all you do is catch.

We are not sharing this with you because we think our birth is “better,” or that it’s “the right way to do it.” We just wanted to share with you exactly where we are coming from, so you can get a better understanding. Does medicine have it’s place? Absolutely. Without medical intervention, many people would not survive serious complications. What most don’t realize is that it’s the medical interventions that lead to the serious complications!

Stay tuned for the full birth story, coming soon!


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  1. Christina
    Feb 26, 2011 @ 11:21:26

    I love the last line… perfect! Its so true.


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