chinese birth chart and more fertility aids

First off: No, Im not pregnant.  However, many of my friends are or are trying to get pregnant so I thought I would share some resources that I’ve used.  The first one is the Chinese Birth Chart  or Chinese Gender Chart which supposedly predicts with 93% accuracy (according to whether you will likely have a boy or girl baby depending on the age you were when you conceived and the month in which you became pregnant.  It was right for my daughter.  I just took the test with the age of 27 and the month getting pregnant of October.  Well, I have to say that depending on ovulation this suggests that I conceived on October 31st rather than November 1st because had I entered November, it would have told me that I was having a boy.  So, the mystery remains whether it was accurate for me but I had a girl so there you go.  The second link “Chinese Gender Chart” has an option to enter your age and an option to select which gender you would prefer to have.  After you select your options it provides months in which you should try for that gender.  Most people who have difficulty conceiving just want a healthy baby and are hopeful to get pregnant period…for those of you who have at least one child and maybe you dont have trouble getting pregnant, I can also see the interest in having one child of each gender or maybe having more than one of the same gender depending on what your preferences are.  No arguments either way, although I don’t think I would go to the trouble of using bioengineering to select the gender…anyway, food for thought for another post at a later date…

I charted my fertility based on ovulation and menstrual cycles through two websites when I was trying to conceive.  One is Fertility Friend Online and the other is My Monthly Cycles.  I liked one of them better while I was trying to conceive but I dont remember which.  I continue to use them to track my cycle and predict ovulation so as to not get pregnant.  I use them to monitor the Natural Family Planning method.  They warn you not to use these sites to prevent pregnancy but I have yet to find one specifically for the Natural Family Planning Method.  I do use the ovulation and pregnancy tests in addition to the sites to predict ovulation which I have found very helpful.  Both tests cost less than a dollar depending on how many you order and once and they have packages which allow you to order a combination of pregnancy and ovulation tests. 

I decided to share this with a few friends who are trying to become pregnant, one of them didnt end up needing the information because she got pregnant shortly after I told her about the websites, so I thought I would share the info since it was on my mind.  Good luck! I hope these are helpful!


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