Precious Baby Shoes ~ Favorites thus far

Ive decided to put together a list of our favorite baby shoes thus far.  I hope this helps with your future shoe purchases.  This idea came as a result of retiring some of the cutest shoes I’ve ever purchased and it is sort of a farewell and tribute to the shoes we have to now put away 😦

Robeez! These were Ava’s first shoes.  I bought her the 0-6 month shoes when she started crawling.  We have pergo floors and she needed a little traction so I thought the leather soles would be perfect and they really did help her in that way.  My sister-in-laws had used them for her boys and raved about them so I thought they would be a good investment.  I was right!  I also purchased the 6-12 month size which also got used thouroughly but I would not recommend having children wear them outside when the grass is wet because the leather really stiffens if you dont dry them properly.  They tend to run bigger than regular shoes so they really lasted a long time.  Sometimes my daughter still wears the 12-18 month size we bought at a yard sale to keep her feet warm but rarely to we need them.  My child has sweaty feet so it’s usually a non-issue.  Actually, I might consider having her wear them to daycare though because their little dachound  steals her socks.  Its cute but Im sure our sitter doesnt appreciate it much.   I also purchased the comparable brand from Target and I thought they would be similar in use and I would save some money but the value really wasnt there.  The leather stiffened horribly when it got wet (the robeez were easier to return to normal) and they looked a lot cheaper.  They did not wear in like the robeez did.  The robeez definately got mangled but instead of ripping or tearing the shoes just became more flexible and a little dirty looking but otherwise held up well.  This is one that I would not substitute for a cheaper brand.

PINK NIKE SHOX! These fantabulous shoes earned Miss Ava the “Pimpin’ Shoe Award” by my daycare person’s teenage boys.  They said these shoes were the coolest shoes they have ever seen on a little kid and they have had a daycare in their home their entire lives.  Woohoo for Pink Nike Shox!  Thats not the only reason we love them but it didnt hurt to win an unofficial award for cute shoes although it does make mommy proud of her $1 yard sale find!  I priced them online and they run $40.99 regular price so I would stick to the yard sale finds if possible.  These shoes were size 4.5 which I found odd because they are the only half size shoe I’ve seen thus far…mind you I have only been buying baby shoes for about a year now.  I thought they ran slightly bigger than the sketchers that I found.  Ava started wearing these when she was able to walk on her own at about 13 1/2 months old and I was afraid they might throw her off balance with the lift but they were very supportive and I think they helped stabilize her.  I wish I would have found more in bigger sizes…Im on the hunt.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  The velcro was a great feature because I cant stand tying those little shoes, what a waste of time.  These had the look of laces without the hassle.

SKIDDERS!  I found the pink soled zebra striped skidders at TJ Maxx for $5! I just priced them at $19.99 at the skidders website.  I totally didnt know what a great deal I got until just now.  I have seen them at Meijer and Target for around $12.99 and you can get the holiday styles after the holidays at discount prices.  A friend of mine had her daughter wearing them last spring and I was skeptical because I didnt think they would stay put on the foot without needing to be adjusted but I was wrong.  Ava loves wearing them, Im not sure if it’s because she has my crazy sense of style (shocking and mismatched at times) or if it’s because they are really different than most shoes in the sense that they are socks with rubber soles.  The socks are fairly tight and they can be a challenge to put on a toddler if they are uncooperative but once they are on they stay put.  I like the fact that they are sort of like slippers but they have grip for the feet so as to not slip when the tazmanian toddlers begin to run around and not pay much attention to where they are going or what surfaces are slippery.   HIGHLY RECOMMEND but maybe for colder temperatures.  As I said before, Ava has sweaty feet so I dont like to keep them on her too long.

 Last but not least, the SKETCHERS! We have these in tan and brown and they were also a favorite.  They matched so many of Ava’s outfits and they were really easy to put on thanks to the the skinny velcroed straps.  These in particular had a sparkly affect with the embellishments and  they were light weight.  Ava was newly walking when she started wearing these and she wore them up until the snow fell.  These were size 5 and she wore the Nike Shox size 4.5 at the same time.  The Nike’s actually seemed to fit longer than these so I would purchase the next size up if you are unsure about which size to purchase.   Im totally bummed that these wont fit her in the Spring but Im on the hunt for these as well; bring on the Mom-to-Mom sales.  I got each pair of these for $1 as well at the last sale.  I just looked at and did not see this style so I do not have a comparison other than their Mary Jane shoe which is $33. 

I hope this list of my favorites will help you with future shoe purchases.  I hope to add more styles and brands to my favorites.  I will post more as my list expands! Happy reading.


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  1. Blogging to the Bank 2.0
    Feb 19, 2011 @ 11:23:12

    Hmmm…very beneficial to find out, there were without the need of a doubt numerous things that I had not idea of before.


  2. Karissa Shannon
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 01:58:21

    great tips! thanks!


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