Louise Solomon’s Yoga & Pilates Total Body Toner ~ Review

Description: LOSE WEIGHT AND LOOK GREAT IN 28 DAYS! Take the best of Yoga and Pilates and gain the streamlined body you’ve always dreamed of! An exciting and fresh approach to the breaktrhough workout Yoga & Pilates, Total Body Toner offers a complete workout for the mind and body.  With four separate workouts this exercise program targets specific parts of the body so you can concentrate on problem areas.  Combined, these four workouts offer a solution to weight loss while promoting relaxation from the stresses of everyday life.  Workout One focuses on abdominals, Workout Two focuses on the Upper Body, Workout Three focuses on the lower body, and Workout Four is the Total Body Toner for advanced level practioners.

Review: This workout appears to be designed for beginers.  Louise Solomon talks a lot in the begining about breathing techniques and really delves into the correct alignment and posture positioning.  She uses a soothing voice and is not irritating like many other videos that I have attempted.  Her voice is a little too calm for me but I think she does it for the purpose of relaxation.  I think her teaching method is and would be effective if used as recommended.  

However, this workout is definitely not for me.  I like to dive into the workout and feel the burn otherwise I feel like I am wasting time.  I need a quick and effective workout.  With this video I did not make it through Workout One because I was too impatient.  I fast forwarded through a lot of the explanation in the begining and to give an estimated time frame, I was fast forwarding for 3 minutes before the workout began, which consisted of breathing techniques.  I did not time the length of the workout while I was doing it but after what I would call sufficient time, there was only breathing techniques and engagement of muscles with very little exercise involved.  My definition of exercise is movements which create toning of muscles or aerobic activity which results in heart pumping calorie burning movements.  For Yoga and pilates I expect to be targeting specific areas of the body with strengthening movements and positions and I did not feel as though I was doing anything other than breathing with occasional movement.  Not my cup of tea.  However, I do think this would be a beneficial video for beginers in order to understand the techniques and breathing processes but I would not consider this video something that I would use long term.   I did find the option to choose which workout you would like to do so that you can skip over the introduction which is helpful if you use this video repeatedly.  I did try to do the Total Body Toner workout hoping that the pace would pick up and provide more of a challenge.  I was dissapointed because the pace continued to be slow, if I had finished the workout they may have picked up the pace later in that sequence but I could not tolerate the pace, it was just too slow. 

With a toddler running around and only short napping time, I need to get the biggest bang for my buck so I still prefer my turbo jam.  I would like to recommend Sara Ivanhoe as an instructor on videos that I enjoy for Yoga and Pilates workouts.  You can find her instructing for CRUNCH workouts.  The workouts are effective, provides options for beginers and advanced practitioners, and they are a little more fun.   See other reviews for more information.

I would like to say that I realize that Yoga and Pilates are designed to be slower moving workouts and have a calming effect which I appreciate.  This particular workout definately encompasses those effects but I believe them to be more for beginers who are unfamiliar with the breathing and techniques.  I just prefer a little faster paced workouts…obviously. 😉


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