The Mother lion, her cub, and your health ~ a shared article

A friend of mine shared this article and I thought it was worth posting.  It seems that so many people are truly fearful of trusting their own insticts in regard to health and wellness.  I believe it is dangerous when we fail to get in touch with our bodies and fine tune our instincts as to wether we should seek guidance in the form of medicine, chiropractic services, homeopathy, exercise, and/or spirituality…Im well aware that I am leaving out catagories that escape me at this moment.  Please read this excellent article for more goodies!

Straight From the Lion’s Mouth: The Real Difference Between Chiropractic and Medicine by Kevin Donka, D.C.

by Kevin Donka on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 10:30am
We have all seen the video footage of a mother lion carrying her cub in her mouth. This is necessary when the cub is first born because it is very fragile and incapable of surviving on its own. A mother lion instinctively knows to do this and she also knows when she no longer needs to do it. In other words, she knows when the baby needs to strike out on its own, grow stronger and learn how to not only survive, but thrive. If she continued to carry the baby around, it would never learn how to live on its own, it would become dependent upon its mother and it would eventually die.

There are two more things about mother lions I would like you to know before I get to what this has to do with your health. First, the mother lion never doubts that she already has all the information she needs inside of her to raise her baby, and that her baby has all it needs too. And, because of this certainty, she takes the responsibility for protecting and raising her child herself. A mother lion NEVER allows another lion to pick up her baby and take over the duty of protecting it.

Why am I telling you about lions and what do they have to do with your health? Well, the other day, I drove by a “Family Practice Medical Center” in a nearby town, and on their sign was a picture of a mother lion carrying her cub in her mouth. At first, it struck me as really odd that they would use this symbol for their practice. But then I thought about it some more and I realized that this is actually the perfect image for every medical facility! You see, medicine has the belief that our bodies are defective, weak and prone to breaking down. It’s as though we have been given inadequate vehicles with which to express our purpose and potential in life. As such, we need someone to “watch over us.”

From the time your mother found out she was pregnant, she started hearing how she would have a hard time handling the pregnancy and birthing processes. In fact, we even call the birthing process “delivery,” as if we need someone to help bring the baby to us. Then she was likely offered all kinds of chemicals during the time when she was most vulnerable (which also got into the baby – YOU – through a shared blood stream). Once you were born, you and your parents were told that we all need a multitude of shots because our immune systems are too weak to handle the environment. You were told that the breast milk your mother made for you was deficient in nutrients and that synthetic formulas were much better. We have all been through this scenario. Here are some more examples of what we were told as we grew up.

If our bodies make some kind of adjustment in temperature to help us stay healthy and continue growing, we are told it is a “mistake” and that we need to take more chemicals to “control” it and make sure we maintain “the norm.” No one ever tells us there is a difference between “normal” and “average.” If we show a little too much energy and imagination in school, we are told that we are not normal and that we need to take some kind of chemical to make us more like everyone else. This pattern repeats all through our lives until every time we slip away ever so slightly from “the norm” we run back to the lion’s mouth! We either run to the lion’s mouth in the form of our doctor and ask him or her what we should do, or we run to the lion’s mouth in the form of a medicine we have been told will get us back to “the norm.”

Remember that a mother lion only carries her baby around for a short time, and that she never delegates this job to anyone else. The medical paradigm has brainwashed our parents and us slowly over time into believing that our bodies are too feeble and pathetic to get us through life and that we need the “medical lion” to carry us around, lest we die.

The truth is that we are given everything we need to live, grow and fully express our purpose and potential in life! We all have within us an Innate Intelligence. This creates our Life Force, which animates, coordinates, adapts, heals and grows us from a single cell into the crowning glory that is our birthright. As long as there is no interference in our nerve systems, our Life Force can flow freely throughout our bodies and perform its duties.

The chiropractic adjustment process restores the communication between the brain and the body that is compromised by the subluxation process and gives us back to ourselves. It allows us to live and express the way our Creator intended. But more important than the chiropractic adjustment process is the whole idea behind chiropractic. We know that you are not weak, defective and prone to illness. On the contrary! You are a perfect manifestation of the One Universal Intelligence that animates everything! As such, nothing from the outside is needed for you to express your perfection. Nature needs no help, it just needs no interference.

Remember what happens to the chick that has help coming out of her shell. Remember what happens to the lion cub whose mother never puts her down. Remember what happens to those people who never find out the truth. They all end up missing the same thing… LIFE!

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