Raising a Spiritual Child: Spirituality vs. Religion

If you have stumbled upon any of my previous blogs you have noticed by now that I do not fit the “traditional religious” person but maybe you have noticed a hint of my spiritual side.  I find this time of year very difficult because it seems as though other people are ready to pounce and judge your relgious or non-religious preferences based on their viewpoints of this holiday season.  I try to use a mantra confirming that “those who judge are not ready to accept my view” or something to that effect, mostly to keep me sane.  This year has been especially difficult for me but I found a very interesting article in the “Parenting” magazing entitled “Beyond Belief Raising a Spiritual Kid” by Teri Cettina.   This article came at a great time, I wish I would have opened my magazine a little earlier but still good timing for me.  Check it out at http://www.parenting.com/article/teach-spirituality-kids

My daughter ripped out the second page but there was a subtitle or a headline to the effect of: a guide for modern parents and how to answer tough questions

Bravo Parenting Magazine!


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