Recommended Children’s Books…the one’s without the scary stuff

I’m guessing that I am not the only parent in the world that has noticed how scary most of the children’s books tend to be.   Many of them are full of evil monsters, poor language, damsels in distress, and a lot of dominantly male heroes.  I am always looking for new authors and “nice” stories to read to my 17 month old daughter.   A good friend of mine recommended the “Pretty Little Lilly” books written by Ashley Hornsby.   These are my absolute favorite thus far.  I read to my daughter before nap time and bedtime everyday…and sometimes in between depending on the day.   I believe that children are susceptible to everything we do and say and I prefer to keep it clean as much as possible. 

We have been reading “Pretty Little Lilly and the Magical Night” for about 6 months every single day so I was hoping to change things up a little bit when I purchased
“Pretty Little Lilly and the Land of Sweet Dreams” as a Christmas Gift.  I have to say, I am very pleased.  I also ordered the third book in the series which is “Pretty Little Lilly” but never received it, so that one is on order.

Here is a snippet of “Pretty Little Lilly and the Land of Sweet Dreams”:   “This land was kissed by an early sunrise, And with every little step there was a new surprise.  There were fields of soft flowers dripping with dew, And clouds like cotton candy with a soft pink hue.  This field led to a forest filled with blossoming trees with thousands of flowers and big beautiful trees.  The forest lit up with a twinkling light, It was indeed the most beautiful sight…Far in the distance Lilly heard a faint cry.  It was then all the fairies sang a sweet lullaby.  The words had no reason; the words had no rhyme, But everything grew so peaceful at this point in time.  As the fairies sang sweetly their sparkles shone bright, Then there was a swirling and twirling beautiful light…” 

It just seems so very peaceful and this particular book is about the “dream that went wrong” and the lullabies are making the dream okay.  In the “Magical Night” book, the theme is surrounding a little girl who is afraid of the dark and a little glowing bear appears after she wishes on a shooting star.  The little bear takes Lilly on an adventure to “the Land of Northern Lights” and helps little to not be afraid of the night.  It is so clever and sweet and it is hard to not fall in love with the wording.


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