Beacon Dental Center “Where our light shines on your smile”

I just started going to Beacon Dental Center and I have to say that I absolutely love it!  I have never really been nervous about going to the dentist and I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with exposure therapy… to clarify, my mom was training to be a dental assistant when I was about 6 or 7 years old and I was her guinea pig.  I think I was comforted by knowing that the person working on me would never do anything to hurt me.  That whole experience really calmed any anxieties that I have ever had when it comes to dentistry proceedures.  I always went to a dentist where my mom worked and I never really had to have any extensive work done.  I had the regular cleanings, some fillings here and there, and when I was 17 I had 14 hours of surgery to fill in the gaps between my teeth in order to prevent braces.  I never wanted braces and this was my answer.  I believe they are porcelain veneers. 

I think the difference between Beacon and any of the other dental centers that I have been to is the level of attention to personal comfort.  I have been to very nice dental centers in the past where they have the heated blankets, the paraffin wax hand massage, the music in the headphones, and the video screens that show you what the practioner is doing inside your mouth as they work.  I love all of these things but I don’t remember any of the other dental professionals taking the time to gauge my pain level or make any accomodations for mouth comfort during the proceedure.

On my first visit to Beacon, I was given a tour of the entire office and was provided with extensive literature about services and qualifications of Dr. Michael Sullivan.  Again, I dont remember receiving this type of treatment at any other dental office in the past.  After my tour, I had my cleaning as scheduled and the hygenist screened for gingevitis and the dentist did a cancer screen.  They also took new xrays and they took a bunch of pictures of my mouth so that I could see exactly what they were talking about.  They were able to bring these pictures up on the screen and when they told me I had a cavity, they measured it with a laser to determine the damage and showed me the affected tooth.  In my previous experiences, I had been told that I had a cavity and it needed to be filled immediately.  Not at Beacon! Dr. Sullivan and his coworkers were very clear that I was the one making decisions about my dental needs.  They provided me with information and options and made it clear that my actions were up to me without any pressure.  What a world of difference.  Talk about personal empowerment! 

On my second visit, I decided to get the cavity filled.  I was numbed twice with topical medicine because it was the molar farthest back (I dont know the terms…) and apparently difficult to make sure the area is numb.  Dr. Sullivan thought it would be best to also get a shot of numbing medicine and then placed a mouth guard in my mouth to keep my tongue from getting in the way.  This mouth guard was awesome though because it was designed to allow my jaw to rest while work was being done.  Yay! And, the suction tube stayed in the whole time to catch the saliva from running down my throat.  Oh, I forgot to mention that when I was getting the topical medication an absorbant sponge was placed between my teeth and tougue which prevented the medicine from running down my throat and also preventing my throat from becoming numb!  I hate when I feel like Im choking because my throat is parcially numb – Good thinking!  And, when I was getting the shot, Dr. Sullivan had me use hand cues to demonstrate when I felt any sensitivity and he was able to read my signals to back off from using the pressure.  Such great service!  One more thing – the whole proceedure took less than 25 minutes from numbing to finish! Okay, enough about my experience, I wanted to highlight some of their services:

PURPOSE: The ultimate purpose of our business is not, and will not be, simply to make a profit.  Nor is it a system of doing (making) and selling things.  The promise of this business is to increas the general well being of humankind through service, creative invention, and our ethical philosophy.

Services: At Beacon Dental Center we are committed to providing excellent, unparalleled dental care to Northern Michigan.  We take great pride in our work and are dedicated to making your experience with us the best dental experience you have ever had.  Our goal is always to exceed your expectations, no matter how demanding they may be.  For your added comfort we are equipped with flat-screen TV monitors in each treatment room that can be tilted directly over your head during most proceedures along with BOSE noise-canceling headphones.  CEREC – A crown in one visit. ZOOM – in-office teeth whitening. INVISALIGN – invisible braces. VENEERS – Custom created ceramic shells designed to cover the front side of a tooth.  IMPLANTS – permanent natural-looking replacements for missing teeth.  SEDATION – enjoy virutally pain-free dentistry with eithar a small pill or complete IV sedation.

Contact me at for a free “SMILES” Club $50 credit for your initial visit!

Contact information:

Beacon Dental Center

06483 M-66 Hwy, Charlevoix, MI 49720



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