Fuzzibunz Free Diaper deal!

I subscribe to Mom’s Milk Boutique and stumbled upon this awesome deal.  It seems that you can usually find a deal with fuzzibunz around this time of year.  I bought mine last year and received 2 free diapers with my purchase.  I love that you can order all white diapers and chose a patterned style for your free diaper!

FREE Medium FuzziBunz with a $40+ purchase. Use the coupon FREEFUZZI. Limited supply – coupon will stop working when we run out! MMB will select color.


FuzziBunz® cloth diapers are one of the most durable cloth diapers. This award-winning patented pocket diaper is made with sturdy snap closures, which are made to last and require absolutely no maintenance.

We know you have a choice when it comes to which reusable cloth diapers to use on your baby.  As moms ourselves, we just made your choice to use FuzziBunz® a whole lot easier by researching and listing what makes us better than the competition. Here’s what we found:

FuzziBunz® diapers have a SUPERIOR FASTENING SYSTEM, ADJUSTABLE WAIST AND LEG SETTINGS for a customizable fit, and a patented design with REINFORCED LEG CASINGS to make sure your FuzziBunz® diapers don’t leak! FuzziBunz® are made with BOUNCY AND STRETCHY ELASTIC around the legs to ensure maximum comfort for your baby without leaving marks on your baby’s skin. They are EASY TO STUFF AND UN-STUFF and remain the TRIMMEST FITTING DIAPER on the market today.  Its fit is most similar to disposable diapers, but without the guilt or waste associated with disposables. 

Plus, FuzziBunz® diapers come in FASHIONABLE, TRENDY COLORS AND PRINTS.  Each of our colors and prints were tastefully designed by FuzziBunz® inventor, Tereson Dupuy, to bring style to your FuzziBunz® collection. 


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