A New Adventure update!

I found this resource from www.CAPPA.net

and I love their vision and their passion for supporting women and families.  I think their vision is the essence of what the resource group we are trying to form in Northern Michigan is what we picture for ourselves, in one form or another.  We have identified HUGE gaps in resources for expecting families and we are hoping to address as much as we can to provide support to anyone who is interested.  From childbirth to parenting…and so on.

The CAPPA Vision

Imagine a world…

Where women are encouraged to trust their bodies, and where myths about childbirth and breastfeeding are dispelled.

Imagine a world…

Where women are given the tools they need to make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum experiences.

Imagine a world…

Where education does not involve guilt but seeks to empower.

Imagine a world…

Where women are surrounded by caring, compassionate support throughout the childbearing year.

Imagine a world…

Where new mothers are equipped to embrace pregnancy, birth, and motherhood with confidence.

Imagine an organization …

That volunteers every day to make this a reality.

CAPPA – reality begins with imagination.

Techniques That Really Work

Families need to be taught that although labor is painful, there are ways to deal with this pain aside from medications. We generally encourage deep, abdominal breathing during labor. Many agree that patterned breathing techniques are not as effective as once believed. They often lead to hyperventilation, frustration on the part of the woman doing them and confusion. In some situations, however, women use them effectively and we feel they are definitely worthy of being somewhere in the laboring woman’s bag of tricks. If a woman wants a natural birth, it is our responsibility to give her many techniques and help her practice them, so that when the time comes, if one thing fails she can easily try something else. Primarily, relaxation is vital if a woman is to achieve a natural birth. Coaches should be taught to recognize relaxation versus tension and how to bring the mother into a relaxed state with an emphasis on calm breathing. Women should also be taught that there is no shame in vocalization throughout birth and that this is something that many women find useful. There are benefits to changing positions, frequent urination, walking, hydrotherapy, rocking and sitting on the toilet. Different positions for pushing should be addressed. The philosophy of childbirth educators and doulas should be that “anything goes” when it comes to getting through labor as long at it is safe for the mother and baby and it is helpful to her. There is no “right way” to breathe, labor or give birth.


Women have the right to choose where they give birth, whether at home, at a birthing center or in the hospital, and we should uphold their right to do so. Every place of birth has its own risks and benefits and we should not discourage a mother from birthing wherever and with whomever she feels safest. We do, however, feel that birth should be attended by a knowledgeable birth attendant, and we will not encourage unattended or “Zion” birth.


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