My Amazing Daughter

My daughter is 16 months old, well, almost 17 months.  Most people are so amazed at how well she talks and how well they actually understand her.  I have a couple really cute “Ava Stories” that I thought I would share.

In November when it first snowed, and stuck…we live in Michigan and it could snow in July if we are really unlucky…, So I said “Look Ava Snow” while we were in the car driving.  She said what I thought was “No” but with a long ending to the word.  She says snow without the “s”. So after I figure it out, I say “Yes, Snow…good job!” So I then say “What color is the snow?” she responds “Nooow!”. So I repeat “What color is it?” She says “Yellow!”  I had to laugh and tried to correct her by saying, “Ava, Snow is White, can you say white?” So she says “White”.  So I ask again, what color is it? And she responds “Yellow!” So laughing I had to say “No baby, snow is white”, well, she didn’t like my correction and she yelled “Snow is Yellow!”.  So I just laughed and said, “okay baby, just don’t play in the yellow snow”.  She started laughing too.  Hilarious!

My second Ava story related to snow was last Sunday.  We were in the midst of the first forecasted blizzard of the season and we decided to go to the grocery store before it got really bad.  When we left the store, the snowflakes were large and it was very windy.  The snowflakes were blowing in our faces and Ava shouts “Stop, Wet; Wet,  Stop!” as if she expected the weather to obey  her commands.  It was so funny.  I couldn’t help but to crack up laughing as I strapped her in the car seat.  Now every time we go outside she tells me the snow is “wet”. 

I try very hard to record my daughter’s accomplishments regularly but the journal I have set up has been severely neglected lately.  Hopefully this blog will help me keep tabs of the cute stuff.


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