Turbo Jam Rocks!

I must say that I absolutely and completely fell in love with Turbo Jam about 6 years ago.  I cannot believe that it has been so long since I first started.  When I began I was looking to lose another 10 lbs.  I had gaines A LOT of weight in college and was hitting a plateu.  I lost the last 10 lbs I was looking to lose within 6-8 weeks of starting the program.  I didnt follow the program daily as suggested so it took me slightly longer than than the advertisements claim. 

Let me just tell you that I have never been a fan of working out.  Prior to Turbo Jam I did everything I could think of including starving myself and taking metabolism stimulants to increase my calorie burning power.  I ended up in the gym halfway through my bachelor degree and I had a love/hate relationship with the gym.  I didnt feel comfortable in the classes because I wasnt “fit” enough to keep up and I tend to be a little competitive.  I stuck to the eliptical machine and some weight training but never got the effect I was looking for.  When I moved back home after college I saw an ad for Turbo Jam and tried it.  I figured I could just send it back if I didnt like it.  Well, I never once thought about sending it back.

I felt completely uncoordinated (still do sometimes), clumsy, and silly doing these workouts but the 700 calorie burn per hour totally motivated me.  Its not just a claim, I actually calculated it by tracking my heart rate with a wrist band.  This is way more than I could burn at the gym.  And…I could do it in my own home.  I would still like to take a class now that I know the moves but I havent been able to fit that into my schedule.

So, I have been severly neglecting my Turbo Jam since my daughter was born 16 months ago.  Maybe slightly longer than that… I did workouts in the spring and tried this fall.  In the summer I usually try to spend my workouts in nature and its too hot to workout inside.  So, I just started my regular routine last night and I am hoping to workout at least 5 out of 7 days each week while Im on break from grad school and my internship.  Im soooo excited.  Last night I did 45 minutes of Cardio Party 1 and this morning I did 30 minutes of strength training – Turbo Sculpt plus Abs.

Speaking of Abs…I absolutely hate floor abs!!! with a passion!  So, my thanks go out to Chalene Johnson, the creator of Turbo Jam for encorporating ab work into the cardio and strength trainning while standing.  I love Chalene! She makes me feel good about myself through the TV.  I also love the crew in the videos, they feel like my friends even though I never met them in person.  After each workout, there are snipets of interviews and insight to Chalene’s world of Turbo jam.  They dont know me but I feel like Ive made great friends and have a huge support system.  I now have a relationship with each of them that they are totally unaware of. 

I have tried other beachbody videos to mix up my routine but I always go back to Turbo Jam! I cant wait to try Turbo Fire and Chalene Extreme!  I do like the Yoga Booty Ballet, Hip Hop Abs, and Slim in 6 but nothing compares to Turbo Jam’s intensity and fun.  Keep on Turbo Jammin’


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