My Top 10 Nursing/Baby Products!


My Top 10 Nursing/Baby Products!
Nursing Tanks: ranked in order of favorites
#1 Gilligan & O’Malley Women’s Full Sling Long Nursing Tops  
                              $16.00 at Target and
                              Colors available: white, black, brown, grey, hot pink
These were my favorite because I was on a budget and I could buy more than one at a time.  It seems like I needed a larger size toward the end of my pregnancy and shortly after I had my daughter.  A few months later I bought more in a smaller size.   Yes, I wore nursing bras during my pregnancy because I started as a 34DD before pregnancy and I have no idea how big I got because I just bought the nursing tanks in medium and large.  Regardless of my gigantic boobs, I felt comfortable in these tanks.  I layered my clothing in the colder months anyway and then in the summer I usually just wore them under another tank.  Another reason I loved the tanks was because they offer the comfort of hiding your belly after pregnancy while nursing.  I could lift up my top layer and still have my belly covered by the tank.  So nice to not worry about people seeing my skin!
               #2 Bravado Designs bra $49.00
               #3 Glammourmom nursing tank $44.00
                              Colors available: brown, white, black, blue, and green; available in long or short
               #4 Bravado Designs Essential Nursing Bra Tank $49.00
Nursing Pads
               #1 Hands down: Reusable Nursing pads by Ladybug Creations at
             I loved these reusable nursing pads! I recently gave them to a friend as a gift at her baby shower.  They are adorable and they dont leak like the flimsy disposables.  They are very absorbent and you can throw them in the washer.  Just dont use a dryer sheet and you can throw them in the dryer too!  Yay for being Green!
Breast Pump: Medela Freestyle Pump
               I loved this pump because it was fast and effective.  I could travel with this without having to worry about where I was going to plug it into an outlet…because it is battery operated! I charged it every night and took it with me where ever I went.  I realize this is dangerous but I was able to drive my car and pump at the same time – that’s talent! Only a mom can juggle tasks like that. 
Ointments: Burtsbees
               Mama bee: Nourishing body oil $8
                              Belly Balm $10.00
               I used both the Nourishing body oil and the belly balm. The nourishing body oil smells like lemon but lasted a long time and it seemed to do the trick.  The belly balm was very thick and kind of difficult to spread but also worked very well.  I think the body oil lasted longer and was less expensive.  Best of all – NO STRETCH MARKS on me!!
               Baby bee: Shampoo & Wash $7-9.00
                              Diaper Ointment $7-8.00
                              Recommendations: Getting Started Kit $13.00
  Kit includes: 1 oz. of each apricot baby oil, buttermilk lotion, shampoo & wash, .80 oz. of buttermilk soap, .56 oz. of diaper ointment, .14 oz. of buttermilk bath, .14 oz. of dusting powder, and a comb!  Perfect for giving new moms to try out each product.  Very long lasting and very worth trying.  I love the diaper ointment – my daughter gets rashes mostly with new teeth and they seem to clear up within 24 hours of using the ointment. 
Fuzzibunz Diapers!  
               I love these diapers! They have two panels of snaps to adjust for waist size and the legs have an adjustable system to make the perfect fit.  The diapers are essentially pocket diapers in which you insert an absorbent pad.  The outside is waterproof and the inside is very soft fabric gentle on baby’s skin.  Check out the website at various colors available.  I love the one size diapers and have been using them since my daughter was 5 months old.  She is now 16 months and using the same diapers.  I have not tried the individual sizes newborn, small, medium, large, and extra-large but they are available.
               Wubanub starting at $10 and up
                              These soft and cute little beanie-like stuffed animals have the paci sewn right on to their nose.  Makes a great companion for your little one.  It is designed to lay upon your child’s chest to hold the paci in place while baby sucks on the paci.  So very cute and many styles available.  Check out or
               Razzberry Pacifier/Teether starting at $3.79
                              These pacifier/teether’s are so cool!  They are shaped like a raspberry and are textured to sooth baby’s gums.  The colors available are red with green leaves, blue with green leaves, light blue and light pink.  You can find these at Meijer,, or

AND #11! Okay so I couldn’t stop at 10.  I just found this website offering beautiful nursing bras and had to share with everyone. I remember feeling like I could not find any attractive nursing bras and after a year of nursing everyone wants to at least feel slightly attractive in what they wear…even if no one else sees it.  The website is and prices start at $29.99! Here is a sneak peak

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  1. Scott
    Dec 18, 2010 @ 15:57:07

    We’re a big fan of the Medela pumps as well (we have the Pump In Style). I’ll pass along the rest of these recommendations to the Mrs. Thanks!


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