Ergo Baby Carrier Review

ERGO baby carrier logo

           I love love love this carrier.  When I was looking for a sturdy baby carrier I asked a bunch of my friends at playgroup and did a lot of research.  I ended up purchasing the original ergo baby carrier in black.

black with camel lining
          This has been a lifesaver! or should I say “back” saver.  I have had trouble maintaining strength in my lower back for as long as I can remember.  I had an injury as a tween and then waiting tables as a college student really put strain on my body.  Anyway, I was feeling a lot of pain with my other carriers – I tried several including slings, kelty kids, baby bjorn, and infantino…possibly others.  All of those did not fit my body type or have the comfort level that I have found with the ergo pack.  I did like the beeko pack too but it was a little too expensive for my budget.  I was tempted by their trendy colors.  Ergo baby carriers also have a variety of colors and patterns but I found a good deal on the black one so that is what I have.
           My daughter was 6 months when I began using this back pack and she weighed about 18 lbs.  I decided to try this particular pack because I wanted something that I could wear while hiking but also for everyday running around.  I also wanted to enjoy my investment for awhile so I was pleased that this carrier holds up to 40lbs.!!!   I still use the carrier to the grocery store and when I know Ill have to hold onto my daughter for more than a couple minutes at a time.  Another reason I just love this backpack is because I can wear it three different ways, on my hip, on my back, and on my front – I’ve worn this all three ways depending on the activity.  My daughter loves it too because she can be close to me and still be able to see whats going on around her. 
         For more information please check out the website:
Lots of information that I did not cover will be readily available on the company’s website. 

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