A New Begining…

I am very excited about a new endeaver that I am working on and I thought I would share a little bit with everyone.  I am actually hoping for some feedback and insight from anyone interested in helping us with this project.
My sister-in-law and I have been talking about how there are very limited resources for expecting parents in Northern Michigan as far as birthing options go.  Basically you can give birth at the hospital with a doctor or at home with a midwife or varioius options.  So if you want to give birth in the hospital, you only have the option of using a doctor. 

So, this project of ours is begining as a collaboration of resources and hopefully develops into more.  We believe that women know their bodies best and should have the option to deliver their babies in the ways that feel safe and natural to them.  I do not want to start a heated discussion about safety or what is “best” because I think there is a continuum of what is “best” and that is individual to each person.  With that said, we are really looking to provide resources for those who are interested in a more unique and personal experience. 

Our first meeting is taking place in someone’s living room in the middle of January in the Petoskey area.  If anyone knows of resources in Northern Michigan and would like to share, please do so.  So far we are hoping to bring in the ideas from midwives, doulas, birthing assistants, alternative forms of therapies, and women who have had alternative births…and anyone who is interested in contributing. 

Check out Ricki Lake’s Business of Being Born link for some insight.thebusinessofbeingborn.com


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